Zack Randles
Lead Pastor

3 years ago, Pastor Zack and his wife Autumn set off on an amazing adventure to start Waterfront Church! Zack is an Oklahoma State University Cowboy from Lubbock, TX, and Autumn is a Texas Tech University Red Raider from Nocona, TX. Zack is also 2 classes shy of having his Masters in Divinity from Southwestern Seminary. In college, Zack played a little lacrosse, preached for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and worked for four and a half years waiting tables at Red Lobster. The Randles have 4 kids (Lulu, Jack, Harper and Baby Zeke) and they love baseball, traveling, Ted's Bulletin, and Waterfront Church!

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Denver Duncan
Worship Pastor

Denver grew up with an insatiable love of music. His childhood is intertwined with memories of his mother practicing piano for Sunday morning and his father booming anything from Motown to Steely Dan. With his wife, Heather, and their three kids (Daxx, Zadie, and Dutch) by his side, Denver lives a life of creativity and authenticity. He continues to fall in love with what music is and what it can accomplish in the heart of a believer.  

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TJ Stoudt
Youth Minister

TJ hails from the great city of Atlanta! He is a huge fan of any Atlanta team. He graduated from college with a degree in Church Ministries with emphasis on youth. TJ is excited about partnering with parents in the journey of discipling students at Waterfront. 

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Lauren Pagett
Grade School and Special Needs Minister

Lauren believes in all kids; in their wisdom, humor, ability to learn, and faith. Lauren, a former classroom educator, strives to create environments where students are safe, comfortable, and able to discover the Gospel in the way they learn best. Originally from Oklahoma City and a graduate of Oklahoma State University and Trinity Washington University, Lauren, her husband Riley, and their son Bradford 'Ford' now live in Navy Yard. They enjoy traveling, patios, and spending time with family and friends.

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Amber Brown
Preschool and Missions Minister

Amber loves the simple things in life; Chick-fil-A nuggets, the $1 section at Target, and a good Disney movie. She and her husband, Wade, are both Texas Tech grads that have a passion for travel, having visited over 30 different countries. Amber loves crochet, calligraphy, and cooking, but is not so fond of early mornings, horror movies, or washing dishes. The Browns, along with their 2-year-old daughter, Emmy, love meeting new people, and are always looking for some friends to have game nights with!

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Jennifer Johnson
Ministry Assistant

Jennifer has lived most of her life in Texas, but has also lived in Oklahoma, Holland and Virginia. She has been married to her husband Rod for 28 years and they have three daughters, Bethany (24), Ruthie (22), and Abigail (19). She has degrees in Child Development and Education and enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom for most of her girls growing up years. She loves to be crafty and cook for people and host them in her home. 

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Ed Downing
Small Group Coordinator

Having spent more than 20 years of his life in Connecticut, Ed is a Yankee through and through (though he may from time to time tell you he's from Kentucky). He's married to the love of his life Holly and together they have the cutest daughter ever, Catherine Elizabeth. Ed is passionate about creating community within the "loner" culture of D.C., Yankee baseball, being a theology nerd, and paleo pumpkin cookies. 

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Jordan Burk
Ministry Intern

Jordan moved to DC from her hometown of Lubbock, TX in 2018. Growing up, she realized the importance of relational discipleship, especially when life gets difficult. Jordan lives out the gospel by building authentic and valuable relationships with people in our community. You can find Jordan pouring into the kids’ and youth ministry at Waterfront, as well as on stage as a member of the worship team. Jordan’s genuine love for God and people is contagious, as she serves the District.

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